Trainee Program Intake

  1. Who can apply for the trainee program?

    1. Must have an LLB degree
    2. Have applied to or hold a place at the Kenya School of Law (KSL) or have completed post-graduate studies at KSL

  2. How to apply

    You will need to fill out a trainee application form and send your CV, copies of your high school certificate, degree certificate and university transcripts to referencing this position AK/TP/01/23.

    Please note that we are open to receive applications until 30th April 2022.

  1. Minimum requirements
    1. KCSE B (+) Plus or its equivalent
    2. Degree classification – 2nd upper and above

Why Choose Us?

  1. Commited

    ALN is committed to the personal and professional development of our staff with continuous learning, development and talent engagement initiatives. Our skills-based career pathways are transparent and focus on competencies.

  2. Listens

    ALN listens to and learns from our employees in order to shape a more inclusive organisation. Our leaders want to hear the employees’ views and there is a structured process to receive feedback.

  3. Trains

    ALN is invested in cross discipline-training and upskilling. We believe in constant improvement, including soft skills that go beyond the legal, to prepare our staff for future leadership.

  4. Has mentoring and sponsorship programmes

    ALN has mentoring and sponsorship programmes that are key to the long-term success of our lawyers. Senior staff members provide juniors with career coaching, advice and support in navigating professional development.

  5. Values and Rewards

    ALN values and rewards creativity, innovation and bold disruptive ideas.

  6. People Wellbeing

    ALN prioritises the wellbeing of our people in and out of work with initiatives that support personal and mental wellbeing.

  7. Diversity

    ALN is committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and has an internal committee that guarantees accountability and transparency. Our skills-first approach means we recruit the best talent from law schools, but we also look for different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to create a more inclusive organisation that breaks social barriers and encourages growth. We believe in work-based experience to test potential employees and have regular trainees and a paid internship programme.

Interested in joining ALN?

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