Our people are brilliant and talented professionals, recognised for their outstanding legal advice to clients both in Africa and internationally, as well as for their different backgrounds and perspectives. They deliver at pace and with energy, always focused on our clients’ needs and the big picture.

It’s not just about getting it done, it’s about getting it done right, and about doing the right thing.

Through their collective expertise and experience across multiple practice areas and jurisdictions, our lawyers have become trusted advisors and are a benchmark for excellence in the legal space.

Our focus includes:

  • Equality
  • People Orientation
  • Hard work
  • Cooperation
  • Integrity

Each one of our firms creates a stimulating, rewarding and learning working environment where everyone can flourish.

Caring about staff is in our DNA

We listen and learn from all our employees to shape a more inclusive organisation. Our structured approach allows for regular feedback and our leaders truly listen to the ALN workforce.

We invest time and resources in cross-training and upskilling, making a real investment in our employees, and we believe in constant and regular training that goes beyond the legal landscape. On-the-job, cross-discipline and soft skills training programmes are critical in developing our employees to be best in class and our future leaders.

ALN also believes in mentorship and sponsorship programmes as a key factor for the long-term success of employees. Our senior employees provide a junior with career coaching, advice and support in navigating their professional development. Most of our senior partners directly advocate for junior lawyers’ advancement within the organisation.

Secondment opportunities are provided for global exposure and for the transfer of best legal practice, often with clients – which gives an in-depth understanding of their perspective. We pride ourselves on the recruitment of exceptional individuals who will make a meaningful contribution to society.

Caring for Our Communities Comes Naturally to ALN

Our Pro bono efforts are strategic, targeted, and collaborative, allowing our lawyers to be part of positive social change assisting causes that provide maximum benefit to society. Our lawyers are encouraged to actively take on and assist projects with the same level of quality and commitment as billable services, which not only presents the opportunity to give back, but also to apply their skills in a different environment.

Our CSR Programme: As important as CSR is for our communities, it is equally important for us as a company. CSR activities forge a closer bond between our employees, boost morale and help us feel more connected with the world around us.


We are looking for more people with creativity, boldness and a sense of purpose to work across a variety of practice areas and locations, to take ALN to the next level.

Why work at ALN?

ALN is committed to the personal and professional development of our staff with continuous learning, development and talent engagement initiatives. Our skills-based career pathways are transparent and focus on competencies.

ALN listens to and learns from our employees in order to shape a more inclusive organisation. Our leaders want to hear the employees’ views and there is a structured process to receive feedback.

ALN is invested in cross discipline-training and upskilling. We believe in constant improvement, including soft skills that go beyond the legal, to prepare our staff for future leadership.

ALN has mentoring and sponsorship programmes that are key to the long-term success of our lawyers. Senior staff members provide juniors with career coaching, advice and support in navigating professional development.

ALN values and rewards creativity, innovation and bold disruptive ideas.

ALN prioritises the wellbeing of our people in and out of work with initiatives that support personal and mental wellbeing.

ALN is committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and has an internal committee that guarantees accountability and transparency. Our skills-first approach means we recruit the best talent from law schools, but we also look for different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to create a more inclusive organisation that breaks social barriers and encourages growth. We believe in work-based experience to test potential employees and have regular trainees and a paid internship programme.

For more information about working within the ALN organisation please get in touch here.