Corporate and social responsibility means ALN being socially accountable, to ourselves, our clients and the public. By practising CSR we are conscious of the kinds of impact we have on all aspects of society, including economic, social and environmental. In the ordinary course of our business we aim to operate in ways that enhance society and the environment. We carefully select our projects and focus around five main pillars: the elderly, children, education, health and the environment.

Our CSR Programme has been recognised as outstanding by the African Legal Awards and we continue to support multiple projects across the continent, including:

  • student sponsorships for law students from needy backgrounds
  • feeding programmes, especially for families affected by COVID-19
  • pro-bono legal services that fight on behalf of vulnerable people in society
  • support for African charities that promote the rule of law
  • support of orphaned children and the elderly

Recent organisations we have worked with to support include:

  • Deep Sea Slum
  • Beacon of Hope
  • Destiny Shapers
  • Justice Defenders
  • Baby Life Rescue Centre and Canaan Orphanage
  • The Centum Foundation
  • Little Sister of the Poor

Pro Bono

ALN firms engage in a variety of pro bono legal work focusing on charitable, religious, civic, community, non-profit and educational matters affecting institutions with limited resources. We encourage our professional staff to each spend at least 25 hours a year providing their services on a voluntary basis. ALN is a member of Trustlaw, the Thomson Reuters Foundation pro bono referral organisations and is an active participant in the New York Bar Association’s Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice.

Our pro bono work centres around a commitment to make African lives better. We are strategic and selective in our choice of projects and vet schemes to match our unique skill set to requests, then go on to monitor activity to ensure the same quality and standards as our billable work.

We prioritise five areas of work:

  • Improving governance and democracy
  • Assisting charities who work in Africa helping vulnerable groups or improving the environment.
  • Enhancing the rule of law by establishing an important precedent, clarifying uncertain laws, making claims that advance social justice or assisting access to justice for minorities or underprivileged segments of society
  • Flagrant injustices
  • Leverage of our pan-African network, either by capacity building through training for legislation writers and judicial training or undertaking legislation reviews and critiques of legislation to assist implementation

Through our pro bono work we have supported a whole range of organisations, most recently:

  • The ALN Academy
  • Sulabh International Centre for Action Sociology
  • Centre for Reproductive Rights
  • Strathmore Law School
  • Fleischer Foundation

ALN believes it has a duty to play a positive role in society and to support the communities with whom we co-exist. We strive to promote a culture of giving back to those in our society in dire need.

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