The manufacturing industry is being revolutionised by new materials, technologies and production methods. Accordingly, businesses are searching for innovation and need legal advisors that can keep up with them.

The global industrial sector has been dominated by US, German and Japanese multi-nationals and conglomerates, but this is changing. There is real opportunity in Africa. A competitive, private sector-led manufacturing and industrial sector is key to Africa’s continuing rise to prosperity. But businesses are facing an increasing compliance burden, with legal and reputational consequences if region requirements are not met. Environmental standards and workplace safety are high on the agenda and companies need advisors with experience and knowledge to help clients navigate these challenges.

ALN brings together knowledge and expertise in competition law (international, COMESA and local anti-trust laws), legal due diligence and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, intellectual property, litigation, tax, employment law and general corporate and commercial law. We have significant experience in dealing with private and governmental bodies and have advised on several multi-million-dollar investments resulting in acquisitions, joint ventures and corporate restructuring of leading manufacturers.

Representative transactions include advising:

  1. BAT Zambia

    In connection with the establishment of a manufacturing factory.

  2. Zoscales Partners

    An investment management firm specialising in private equity investments in East Africa, in connection with structuring its investment in an existing local cork manufacturing business.

  3. Siemens

    in connection with their construction of a thousand kilometre, high voltage power transmission line linking Kenya and Ethiopia

  4. Consol Proprietary South Africa

    A leading glass packaging manufacturer in Southern Africa, in connection with their purchase of the entire issued share capital of Central Glass Industries, a container glass manufacturer in East Africa and a wholly owned subsidiary of East African Breweries listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

  1. Huaxin Cement Company

    One of the world’s leading companies in the building materials industry, in connection with its acquisition of Maweni Limestone.

  2. Société BIC

    In connection with the termination of its franchise agreement with Haco Industries Kenya and the subsequent purchase of a stationery, lighters and shavers business.

  3. Nestlé Middle East FZE

    In connection with their setting up in Sudan.

  4. Kenafric Industries

    A leading sweets and confectionary manufacturing concern in Kenya, in connection with the restructuring of its holding company structure in Mauritius and Kenya to achieve tax efficiencies.