As the world’s resources continue to be depleted, the extractive industries are being forced to work in new and challenging jurisdictions and environments.

There is constant criticism around Africa’s resource dependence, so those advising in this sector need to have in-depth knowledge and the ability to draw on the expertise of multiple disciplines. Understanding the scale and timeframes of investment in the industry has never been more important. ALN’s lawyers are constantly looking ahead to help clients plan for future reforms and developments in the regulatory and business environment, enabling them to stay one step ahead of the competition.

ALN advises on all aspects of business for foreign and domestic clients in the natural resources, mining and minerals sector, including mergers and acquisitions, licensing and regulation, environmental law, lease and sale of mining assets or exploration interests and dispute resolution. Our ability to give our clients a competitive offering stems from our robust networks on the continent as well as our expertise.

Representative transactions include advising:

  1. Government of Kenya

    In connection with its Mui Basin coal concession to Fenxi Mining (China), the first ever granted on a public private partnership basis.

  2. New Bugarama Mining Company

    In connection with their acquisition of mineral interests, including advising on mining interests of the company and negotiating a concession agreement for the company signed with the Government of Rwanda.

  3. Global Metals and Mining

    In connection with an acquisition by a Chinese state-owned enterprise of Australian mining company which in turn has a mining company in Malawi.

  1. Gemfields, Kefi Minerals, Israeli Chemicals and Maraton

    In connection with their acquisitions of Web Gemstones, Nyota Minerals and Allana Potash Afar respectively, in Ethiopia.

  2. The Tanzania Chamber of Mines

    In connection with the Mining (Local Content) Rules 2017, the 2017 changes to the Tanzanian Mining Act and the Mining Regulations 2018.

  3. Pallinghurst Resources

    The majority shareholder in Gemfields, an English publicly listed company, in connection with a reorganisation of Gemfields and indirect effects of the reorganisation on Gemfields’s subsidiaries in Zambia.