Join the Movement for Climate Action and Green Growth in Africa

On September 5, 2023, the Africa Private Sector made history at the inaugural Africa Climate Summit (ACS23) in Nairobi, Kenya, having delivered the Private Sector Statement to heads of state and global dignitaries.

For more information and if you wish to become a signatory to this Statement, please reach out to the Africa Climate Private Sector Coalition at:
[email protected]

Why It Matters

Our statement is a powerful call to action. We are amplifying the private sector’s voice in the battle against climate change. And together with the public sector, we aim to build climate resilience and promote green growth across Africa.

Your Role as a Private Sector Stakeholder

  • Sign the Statement: Show your commitment to climate action and ensure accountability.
  • Conduct Internal Assessments: Evaluate your business, focusing on ESG considerations and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Set Goals: Establish SMART goals to fulfil your commitments.
  • Report Progress: Regularly review and report your progress towards a sustainable future.
  • Key Highlights

    Discover our commitment in crucial areas of collaboration:

      1. Climate Finance: We’re creating mechanisms to boost green investments within the private sector.
      2. Green Investments: Our pledge includes eco-friendly business models, sustainable product design, and embedding sustainability in our value chains.
      3. Decarbonisation: We actively seek nature-based solutions in decarbonization, committed to achieving net-zero emissions.
      4. Green Transition Minerals: We invest in green mineral projects, ensuring equitable working conditions and safety for all participants.
      5. Food and Agriculture: We’re building infrastructure to reduce waste, support trade, and enhance market access.
      6. Nature and Carbon Sinks: Our investment in nature-based solutions preserves Africa’s natural assets and drives sustainable socio-economic development.
      7. Adaptation and Resilience: Climate financing for adaptation and resilience is a core commitment.
      8. Climate and Sustainability Reporting: We adopt international and national best practices, integrate ESG factors into decision-making, and provide regular progress reports towards our climate goals.

    Sign the Africa Private Sector Climate Action Statement

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