The global Nigerian law firm, Aluko & Oyebode, share a new podcast series ‘Chat Legal with A & O‘ where the attorneys across the practice share insights, trends, and outlook on pressing issues and development in key jurisdictions in Nigeria and around the globe.

23 August 22

The multimedia format legal podcast is titled ‘Chat Legal with A & O‘ which features informal conversations to deep-dives into a wide range of insights for listening and viewing pleasure.

In the premiere edition, Aluko & Oyebode lawyers Oluwaseun Ayansola and Olorunseun Braimoh with the Banking and Finance Practice speak on financial technology [FinTech] in Nigeria.

Finance has changed considerably with the advent of technology. It has become easy, relevant, precise, smooth, and more importantly- agile like never before. From understanding the basics to building blocks and allied financial matters including open banking.

Watch the first edition of the podcast below:

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The content of this podcast does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Specialist advice should be sought about any specific circumstances.



  1. Olorunseun Braimoh – Associate
  2. Oluwaseun Ayansola – Associate