ALN Kenya | Anjarwalla & Khanna routinely acts on large multi-jurisdictional infrastructure, finance and M&A transactions involving multiple parties and large amounts of documentation that require significant operational and organisational processes to share and manage, track critical issues and the status of outstanding requests, correspondences, and progress reports. This is a complex and high-risk undertaking.

21 October 21

In 2013, Legal Transaction Management (LTM) began to emerge as a new category in Legal Tech. By 2016, there were several solutions in more developed markets that helped streamline transactions and improve turnaround times, enabling lawyers to spend their time more efficiently. ALN Kenya was one of the first legal firms in Africa to onboard Legatics, an intuitive legal transaction management platform that simplifies and automates traditional legal processes, in 2018 to track conditions precedent, initially for the firm’s Projects and Infrastructure deals.

Following the successful deployment of Legatics, an Enterprise Plan was procured to extend the platform to other practice areas including Banking and Finance and Corporate Commercial. Legatics has been a strategic addition to the ALN Kenya innovation portfolio, which has the proven ability to transform transaction-based practices. The platform is dedicated to building AI technology for rapid law firm adoption and is involved in cutting edge research that aims to increase legal technology adoption rates in legal and high-value services sectors through the use of AI microservices and behavioural change science. For ALN Kenya, it was also imperative that the preferred solution be compliant with ISO 27001 to enhance security and governance.

We’ve developed strong relationships with ALN Kenya over the years and are excited to work together to continue to build adoption and momentum,” says Daniel Grant Smith, Legatics Head of Engagement.

The partnership with Legatics is a demonstration of ALN Kenya’s commitment towards improving client value, in addition to the firm’s focus on innovation, as one of the key drivers towards excellence and collaboration.

“ALN aims to develop innovative market leading technologies and through its Technology Working Group: we are steadily building an innovation culture based on an interdisciplinary Innovation Team that encourages a creative, solution-oriented mindset and oversees the transformation of our member firms to keep ALN at the cutting edge of legal technology,” says ALN Kenya Partner Dominic Rebelo.

As part of this transition, Dr. Robert Muthuri joined the team at the beginning of 2020 as the ALN Kenya Innovation Manager. His joining on the cusp of the COVID-19 pandemic allowed ALN Kenya to nimbly weather the change in the operating environment brought about by the pandemic. Nahabi Wandera also joined the team as ALN Kenya’s Innovations Technologist.


About Legatics

Legatics is an intuitive, intelligent deal platform that simplifies and automates traditional legal processes. Designed by lawyers to improve legacy working methods and solve practical transactional issues, it increases collaboration, efficiency and transparency. Legatics transforms legal transactions, providing a better deal experience for all parties, and freeing lawyers from unnecessary administrative tasks.