We are proud to be listed as a company committed to integrity in the inaugural 2021 Integrity Index by the British Chamber of Commerce Kenya (BCCK). The Index features companies based in Kenya, that have a track record in working with integrity with multinational organisations and BCCK members.

“At ALN Kenya, we are extremely proud of the work we do. We value our reputation and in keeping with our values, we strive to uncompromisingly meet the highest standards of personal and professional ethical conduct and integrity in everything that we do while upholding the rule of law,” says Managing Partner Karim Anjarwalla.

The Index features 28 companies that completed the nomination and self-assessment process. They are drawn from across 10 different sectors and vary in size from three to 3,000 employees. Companies were assessed on their track record of working with UK and International companies, as well as their documented policies and procedures.

The Index is part of the Business Integrity Initiative (BII) pilot programme, which is run by BCCK in partnership with the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in Kenya. It provides practical guidance on navigating integrity challenges and provides a range of platforms to increase peer-to-peer private sector engagement. It also works with the Kenyan authorities to promote improvements to local market conditions.

“We are mindful that the way we do business is judged through both a domestic and an international lens and adhering to the highest standards of business behaviour is at the core of what we do. As such, we understand that guiding our employees on how to conduct themselves with integrity can be a key differentiator in our competitive market,” notes Roddy McKean, Director in the Corporate department at ALN Kenya.

The BCCK has also launched a report on the Index, which details the practical measures being taken by companies on the Index. These are all linked to the BII’s six integrity principles: proportionate procedures, top-level commitment, risk assessment, due diligence, communication and training, monitoring and review.

Farida Abbas, CEO, BCCK says, “We are excited to recognise efforts that these companies are making to run ethical and trusted businesses. We hope that this Index will provide long term benefits to all the featured companies. A listing on the Index is external recognition of the efforts being made to run a trusted and ethical business. We aim to prove that ethical business pays. So, we will be signposting these businesses to any UK organisations looking to partner with Kenya-based companies.”

Find out more about the BBCK Integrity Index here.