Transforming Education and Brightening Futures in Kilifi County

In the heart of Kilifi County, where the challenges of education are prevalent, ALN Kenya continues to reinforce its position as a beacon of hope for the community. This enchanting coastal region in Kenya has long grappled with below-par school performance in national examinations, a pervasive issue compounded by the daunting spectres of early pregnancies and a disheartening rate of school dropouts.

Pursuit of Justice in Safeguarding Human Rights: A Partnership for Justice

In the pursuit of justice and human rights, collaboration becomes a powerful force for change. ALN Kenya, in partnership with Allen & Overy UK, played a pivotal role in a transformative project initiated by Fair Trials UK and APCOF (African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum). This project, centred on the prevention of torture by law enforcement agencies, particularly during the delicate questioning stage, resonates deeply in the East Africa region.

Ongoing Commitment Through Lifelong Support for Marigat Community

Nestled near the tranquil shores of Lake Baringo, the town of Marigat bore witness to a calamity in 2020 when the lake burst its banks, upending the lives of the community-dwelling on its fringes. Families were abruptly displaced and found themselves seeking refuge in a makeshift camp, struggling to rebuild their lives.

Quest for Change in Governing the Use of Firearms in Kenya

In a world where challenges often loom large, ALN has once again proven its commitment to being a catalyst for change. This year, we had the honour of being nominated for the prestigious TrustLaw Awards 2023, an accolade that acknowledges our impactful partnership with TrustLaw, Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global pro bono service and the world’s largest pro bono network.

A Journey of Hope in the Fight Against Cancer

At ALN, we firmly believe in our duty to be a positive force in society, and we are dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the communities we call home. Our commitment to this mission is exemplified through our enduring partnership with the Faraja Cancer Support Trust.


Africa Climate Summit 2023: Advancing Green Growth & Climate Finance

The Africa Climate Summit (ACS), co-hosted by Kenya and the African Union Commission, is set to take place in Nairobi from 4 to 6 September 2023. ALN is the official legal partner of this year’s summit, which will convene leaders, development partners, intergovernmental organisations, the private sector, academia, civil society, and others to address climate change in Africa.

Kenya, Singapore Sign Investment Treaty to Promote Africa – Asia Trade

Ahead of the 2023 Africa Singapore Business Forum, Kenya-Singapore recently signed a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) testament to the two nations’ commitment to promoting Asia – Africa trade and investment. The BIT aims to promote greater investment flows between Singapore and Kenya by protecting the interests of investors from both countries. It also gives greater confidence to investors to take up investment opportunities in either country by establishing a legally-binding agreement on how both countries should treat investments.

Promoting Africa-Asia Trade Relations: Africa Singapore Business Forum 2023

ALN is proud to be part of the 2023 Africa Singapore Business Forum (ASBF), the eminent platform facilitating business exchange and trade collaboration between Africa and Asia, happening on 29 – 31 August. Since its inception in 2010, ASBF has convened over 5,000 business and government leaders from 30 countries, propelling partnerships and growth opportunities across these vibrant regions.

ALN Kenya’s Daniel Ngumy to Lead Kenya’s e-Mobility Taskforce

The Cabinet Secretary, of the Ministry of Roads and Transport has established a task force on the Development of National Electric Mobility Policy, Strategy, Legislations and Regulations (the e-Mobility Taskforce) and appointed Daniel Ngumy, Managing Partner and Head of Tax of ALN Kenya, as the Chairperson of the Taskforce.